Heart and Soul!

Just before I again leave for Cambodia, I managed to finish the project of capturing the companions Heart and Soul Nebulae!

They (IC1805 and IC1848) deserve more hours of integration in order to collect more OIII-data (what is interpreted as blue), but with around 4 hours a piece I decided to finish them fo this time. I am sure I will go back to them in the future.

They are both emission nebulae – meaning that they are nebulae formed of ionized gases that emit light of various wavelengths. The most common source of ionization is high-energy ultraviolet photons emitted from a nearby hot star.

Funny item is that in the Heart Nebula, one can also see the Fish Head Nebula (IC1795). Look at the bottom part and see if you can spot it.

I you want to see them, click here!