Christmas is coming early this year…

… and my birthday too!!! At least it feels that way…

Todays diving was miraculous!!! Three dives today and on the first dive I got to see (and take pictures of) THREE different hairy frogfish. The second gave me the opportunity to see a couple of harlequin shrimps and yet another hairy frogfish!

After lunch a relaxing third dive and yes of course, a pygmy seahorse!!! Amongst other things, such as few ghost pipefish, squat lobster, at least ten different kinds of frogfish, nudibranchs, shrimps, two baby cuttlefish, a banded sea snake and a giant snake eel eating a big gurnard!

I sincerely don’t know how a diving day can be better than this one! It is like having christmas, ones birthday, marriage day and I do not know what else on the same day! Tonight I am going to sleep as a very happy man and with a big smile on my face!

It was very hard to choose the photo of the day today, but here it comes… Enjoy!

HarlequinHarlequin shrimp