Day after Christmas… aka third dive day

Well, after a day like yesterday, it’s should be against a law to have the same both luck and fortune to have another with the same extraordinary findings… So, today was a good diving day, but pretty much as a calm day after Christmas, you know the day when nothing much happens!

Three dives, two in the morning and one more after lunch. The morning dives were nice but nothing really special. I shooted som nudibranchs, a ribbon eel, a few shrimps with a couple of tiger shrimps, a few crabs and a frogfish.

In the afternoon I had to cheer me up a bit again so I asked that we went back to Kapal Indah – the site where there are some resident pygmy seahorses 🙂 I really love them all and this time I filmed a bit and concentrated on the red one, a male with eggs – his belly was awesome! Of course I have chosen him to be “photo of the day”. I hope you enjoy him as much as I did…

Pygmy2Hippocampus bargibanti – Pygmy seahorse