Last diving day in Lembeh…

Two more dives – the last ones before the waiting for my journey home.

Just two relaxing dives in the morning, not with any “need” to find new creatures – hey, I’ve had marvellous encounters already – but only for the pure joy of diving!

The first dive however was to be an octopus dive, with a mimic, a Mototi and finally a coconut octopus. And on top of them, I found a pygmy seahorse/pipefish in the sand – I found it! :-). I also found two really cute juvenile boxfishes – they couldn’t have been larger than 5 mm!!!

The final dive did also present the final hairy frogfish.

Time to summarize the trip! What can I say? Well, I had two species “on the list” coming here:

  • The hairy frogfish
  • The harlequin shrimp

And I really got them!!! And as if that wasn’t enough, I got numerous Bargibanti pygmy seahorses and my first yellow one!

But in my memories, I think I will cherish the Pontohi pygmy seahorse most and have it closest to my heart (on top of the two species I came to see).

Regarding the resort, Divers Lodge, I can only say the best! Good service, good food, calm, nice staff, good guides, a familiar place to stay. Thank you especially to my guides Paulus and Rano, to Citra who made me laugh and to Mariana who set such a good example regarding that we really can do things although some people say that you can’t!

The last photo of the day has to be the little juvenile boxfish, trying to hide behind a grass straw. Enjoy the little fellow!

Juvenile boxfish

Next dive trip will be in almost 11 months – Isla Guadalupe in the Pacific Ocean – to see the great white shark!!