New Zealand – what a beautiful place!

Having been home a week since my first (short) visit to New Zealand I have to say that the country is BEAUTIFUL! Haven’t seen much, only Wellington and a small part of the north island (Martinborough, Gladstone, Greytown and Masterton) but what I have seen is really beautiful. I visited a vineyard, an alpacka farm, the beautiful small town of Greytown and of course Zealandia in Wellington. In Zealandia, I was thrilled to see the Takahe and the Kiwi!

People seem so nice and welcoming, restaurants and food is great, the air is clear, the wheather nice although it was wintertime. It is green, it has the ocean, the mountains, rivers, almost jungle-like forests and so much to see.

I have to go back for a second time, a bit longer than this time (only 3 days of visiting off work) and that time I’ll do the south island wich supposedly is even more beautiful.