No Pontohi today…

Today was the hunt for two different pygmy seahorses, the Denise and the Pontohi. I saw a Denise in Bali but never the Pontohi. 

Three dives later I’m still on the hunt… No luck today but I still have two days left so fingers crossed!

However today was a feast on Bargibantis (also pygmy seahorses)! SEVEN of them on a single dive, five of them on the same seafan! Unbelievable!!!

Today also blessed me with several nudibranchs, shrimps, crabs, pipefish, ghost pipefish, a very cute blennie, a baby boxfish smaller than a centimeterand a blueringed octopus. 

Photo of the day is the blueringed one, it was a tiny one, I’m guessing about 4 centimeters including the arms…


Hapalochlaena lunulata – Blueringed octopus