Soon more diving to be done

Diving is for all year around – and of course I’m diving even if it is winter here in Sweden. But sadly I rarely get the time to do more than one dive every other week…

Well, soon that is about to change! In May I’m returning to Cambodia for work another week and I will then try out the Cambodian waters outside Sihanoukville for the weekend! Only 4-5 dives but I will certainly bring my UW photo rig setup for macro…

And then in the beginning of June I’ll be in Malta to do a CCR Tech course. So plenty of diving for a week. Happy me!!!

Since there is about a month until the first trip I will dive here at home aswell – tomorrow two dives in the archipelago!! Yeeeyyy!!!

2 thoughts on “Soon more diving to be done

  1. Mariana van West de Veer says:

    Hello Eric!
    Wishing you a lot of fun diving in Malta and Cambodia! Lucky you!
    I guess the water is cold around Stockholm?

    I just made reservations plane ticket and have booked in Weda resort from 25 oct until nov 3, then to DL Lembeh until nov 7th.
    Hopefully 25 dives. Next month buying UW camera.
    Will let you know how Weda is.
    Best regards,

  2. admin says:

    Dear Mariana!
    Wow, good for you – a trip back also this year! I hope you have a great stay in both places and great dives. It still is some time to wait, but when you get there, plese say hello to Paulus, Linda, Rob and Citra from me!

    Well, the water was 2 degrees today (really cold) but the second dive was great! An almost intact ship from late 1600s – with a cannon on a lavette, Bartmanns jars, a lion figurehead and plenty of other stuff!

    Big hug to you Mariana!

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