What a day in Lembeh…

The hunt for the Pontohi continued today! Three dives a bit further away from the usual places.

Lunch onboard since we wouldn’t make it back to Divers Lodge in time for lunch. More than an hour of boat trip before we arrived at the first dive spot. 

Looking, looking, looking everywhere – but no Pontohi in sight… 

Second first choice dive spot couldn’t be done because of strong current. Would the little pygmy seahorse illude me this day too?? We made a good dive with yet more bargibantis on one seafan – at least two of them were pregnant! I also managed to take a couple of fair pictures of the Lembeh Seadragon, immensly small and hard to find and then to shoot. I’m guessing it was about half a millimeter thin and approx 4 mm long!!!

The second dive was aborted after just around 45 minutes due to a severe headache. 

Third and last dive and looking, looking and giving up again to go deeper and finding other things. 

On the way up again, on the safety stop my guide decided to have another look at the same place that we checked on the descent. Suddenly I hear him shouting in his mask!! He found it!!! Awesome little creature and really difficult to see. One part because it’s very small and the other because it’s hard to differ from the algae where it eats, that in natural light of course…

But with the strobes!!! Cutie!!! Of course he makes photo of the day!!!


Hippocampus sp – Pontohi pygmy seahorse