Photos, photos and more photos! Most of the shooting I do is under water… Here are some links to my albums from dive trips!

But first a link to my portfolio – click here!


Silfra (Iceland)Two dives at famous Silfra in Iceland.2019
Isla GuadalupeFinally, my turn on Solmar and the greatest of them all... Great White Shark!!!2016
MaltaNo photos since I did a CCR Tech course.2016
Sihanoukville (Cambodia)Just a weekend in Sihanoukville (off from work in Phnom Phen) and a few macro pics from a couple of awful dive sites. Crappy water and crapy viz...2016
Lembeh (Indonesia)Back to Divers Lodge for some serious muckdiving in end September/beginning october. What an incredible place to see small critters...2015
BiminiSeven dives in March with Neal Watson and the Great Hammmerheads.2015
JordanJust two dives in Aqaba in October - mainly to see King Abdullah's tank.2014
Philippines and Hong KongJust a few pics between dives in Malapascua and Dauin. And of course a few pics from a day in Hong Kong.2013
Dauin (Philippines)One week with Sea Explorers at Pura Vida in Dauin (follwoing the days in Malapascua) - to "catch" some small things...2013
Malapascua (Philippines)Five days with Sea Explorers at Ocean Vida in October, five Days between the earthquake (epicenter in Bohol) and the typhoon Yolanda. The targets were thresher Sharks and blue ringed octopus...2013
Bali (Indonesia)Whole family in Bali over Christmas. A bit rainy but I went diving four days with AquaMarine Diving. Great organisation and really good diving!!! Went to Padangbai, Secret Bay, Tulamben and Seraya. That way I got almost around the island. Really
beautiful scenery and countryside!! And yes, of course!!! I got more nudies, pygmy
seahorses and... my first Denise!!!
OmanJust a week in april to try out the Omani waters. Stayed in Muscat with the Extra Divers - I would not recommend that diving center. Not a good management, nor staff - but I met a fellow Swede, Patrik and his nice wife Katja - and they are really great! Did daily boat trips. Visibility not that good (probably a bit early in the season) but a few really nice and for me new nudibranchs!!2011
MaldivesA week in the Maldives (Meeru Island) with my wife. Of course I could not resist diving a few days. Did two days (then my back went bad). Diving was OK, but not the best have had - but the MANTAS were there!!! Holy mother, what majestic creatures!2010
Bunaken (Indonesia)Going to Indonesia for the first time. In Bunaken, I stayed with Living Colours owned by Jakko and his wife. Great place, really beautiful reefs and great diving. And I say it again - awww - these nudies!!!2010
Lembeh (Indonesia)After transfer from Bunaken to Lembeh and the really hospital and nice Divers Lodge,
owned by the Dutch Rob - I was about to do my first muckdiving! Yes, nudies AND...
... my first pygmy seahorse (Bargibanti)!!! Yeahh!!!
BahamasA liveaboard that will stay in my mind for the rest of my life!!! Bording the vessel M/S
Shearwater in West Palm Beach in Florida - we spent a week with awesome diving among sharks! Caribbean reef sharks, lemon sharks and the glorious tiger sharks! Oh my God!!! They were everywhere - beside you, over you, behind you and on you! Wonderful creatures and I have yet another hobby - I just love these sharks...
MalaysiaAfter a week of working in Singapore, I got the weekend off! Made a trip to Tioman Island, where I did a few dives. Lot's of beautiful nudibranchs and a new hobby has started - I just love these nudies!!!2008
SwedenA few dives on the West coast of Sweden - Väderöarna. I did four dives in 2007 and four
more in 2008. Nice diving!
SudanOne week of fantastic diving from the liveaboard vessel Emperor. The tour "Sudan
Discovery" departed from Port Sudan and I gott to see hammerhead sharks for the first time. We also dove on Couseau's Conshelf II.
Umbria (Sudan)From the same trip above but an album with photos of Umbria.2007
EgyptA family week in the autumn and just a few dives.2006
EgyptA week on the trip "Simply the best" - a weeks liveaboard - departing from Port Ghalib. Awesome trip with visits to Brothers, Daedalus and Elphinstone.2006
CuracaoJust a week between two and of course, just a few dives.2004
EgyptMy second dive trip to the Red Sea, this time to Sharm El Sheikh (the first time in Hurghada I hadn't started shooting underwater). A three day liveaboard with a visit to the famous Thistlegorm and two days of diving on daily boat trips.2004
Thistlegorm (Egypt)Thistlegorm got its own album...2004
SardiniaA family trip to Alghero in Sardinia led to a cavern diving course and a few dives in the
caves. Great experience and fantastic caves! And this was the first time I used a camera
underwater - it was a Nikon CoolPix 4300 in a Fantasea housing.